Sunday, November 30, 2008

Introduction to Disaster!

Natural disasters are disasters caused by nature. Some of the most common and deadly disasters are earthquakes, volcanoes and typhoons. Earthquakes are caused by seismic waves which are made by a sudden release from the earth's crust. Earthquakes usually happen in Indonesia and they are known to destroy houses buildings and take away lives of people. Volcanoes occur when an opening in the Earth's crust allows hot molten rock to escape. Volcanoes can also cause alot of destruction they can do the same things as an earthquake. All natural disasters are known for their destructive power. These disasters destroy homes and kill people and puts them in dangers. The survivors and the people going through the disaster need help from people who are in other places. To do this they use internet features. They might email to one another through gmail, yahoo or hotmail, they might even use a blogpost, like the one I'm using right now. They might even use Skype which i think is the most important to communicate because you speak online with the person yuo are asking for help from so they can get information more accurately. We might want toi communicate during a natural disaster crisis because maybe if someone's house and supplies are destroyed during a disaster they won't have shelter or food so they'll need someone's else's help so they can come rescue them like if the person in the crisis contacts a police officer through internet they police officer cans send over a helicopter for a rescue. Even if the person contacted is not a police officer the person who receives can contact a near by rescue/police station him/herself and tell them to rescue the person in the crisis.

Design Cycle- Investigation

Investigation is doing research to give you an idea of the subject. So in our unit we have to research about Disasters which is the subject. To do the investigation we have to go online and search for information about the subject. We can also do this by looking into books and doing observations. For e.g. we can go onto a website about disasters and learn about different types of disasters like volcanoes, thunder storms, blizzards, etc. To make an investigation easier we use a guiding question. We answer the guiding question while we are doing the research on the subject.

The second part is the plan where we have to plan the project. plans can be done by analysis of the subject and can also be done by drawing diagrams and brains storming ideas. In the end we have so many ideas that we have to choose one and stick with it. We call this the final design.

the third part of the design cycle is the create where you have to create the product/solution according to plan. You also have to use the right equipment/resources which you should have wrote in the plan.

The last part of the design cycle is the evaluation where you have to evaluate your product/solution. You do this by writing what you did when you created the solution/product. You also have to conclude, so you have to say what the product/solution tells you and you also have to tell how you can improve.