Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Client Meeting

The design and layout of my pages is shown in the other client meeting post showing all the screen shots of me Delicious bookmarks, Google Docs and the i web pages. The pages I currently have are: Intro To Earthquakes, What is an Earthquake? and Precautions for an Earthquake. So far I've researched about what an earthquake is and what causes it, the resources and preparations you must make in case an earthquake occur and what people around the world have done to survive earthquakes. My drawing plan is quite similar to my i web design. The color I've used for my background has cracks and is off-white spice it fits the earthquake 'theme'. My color for the font is orange and brown. I have not yet achieved five pages since I'm still improving the previous three. Apple I web consists of an-easy-to-use features. You can choose the layout of your web page, change the color, shading, rotate, etc. of your pictures after you've copy and pasted it on your web page. you can also download media like videos and voice records. Widgets are links embedded on your web page which can lead to other websites. embedding is using browsing components to take one document and transfer it into another document by taking the HTML of the document onto the location you want it in. Yes I have an emergency plan which tells how to be prepared for an earthquake, resources you must have in order to be prepared for an earthquake, what to do during an earthquake, etc.

Client Meeting

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Communications used in earthquakes

In Pakistan, February 28 2006. An earthquake hit Islamabad which killed many people. FM radio stations were set in the location of the disaster broadcasting messages websites, blogposts and other internet awarness, both synchronous and asynchronous communications were launched. In earthquakes creatinga website and adding pictures and videos to it is a must. Meaning if the person publishes a site he must tell what is happening and going on, post images so people can get a visual view of his situation.


Earthquakes occur when their is a release of huge amounts of energy in the crust which is beneath the Earth. These energy waves are called seismic waves. Earthquakes are also the main cause to ther disasters like volcanoes, tsunamis, floods, etc. As you probably know, earthquakes can cause alot of damage like the nasty disasters they are. They are known to destroy a lot of structures and landscapes. Well here is something you might now know: Earthquakes can cause damage depending on the amount of energy released from the crust. If only a little bit of energy is released then there might not be much damage but if there's alot of energy waves released then it can cause major damage to our cities. the scariest thing about an earthquake is that their unexpected. So we must stay prepared for them at all times.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Which communication forms are synchronous&asynchronous?

Synchronous communication is communication quite fast and frequent. Like chatting on msn or talking to someone on the mobile or even Skype is synchronous. Same thing with telephones. All these communications can instantly message anyone meaning they can probably achieve the message and answer back which will probably take about 2 seconds or so. Nowadays most communications are wireless connected.
Asynchronous communication are communications which take a period of time to reach their receiver like hot mail or emailing.

Contrast and comparrison between websites

I will tell you the about two websites and the difference between them. Fast Cars UK & HRODC. Fast Cars UK is a well layout website with colors that attract the viewers attention. It uses pictures and has non complicated links and is an overall easy-to-use website. HRODC is a crowded website. With too much information and looks boring. IT uses a lot of complicated information. As you can see The fast cars website has a better title and a better intro while the other site does not ven have a title or an intro but just loads of crowded, complicated information.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What hardware and software is required to be able to communicate online?

Well like before a disaster, you get all your supplies the same way you might also want to be prepared with online communication devices like a laptop with WI-FI and not a plug-in internet connection so if a natural disaster strikes the wires will be well destroyed and there will be no internet. After getting the hardware then you might need to download some software in to you device. You might need to download Skype but before you download it you might need hardware like headphones and a microphone. You might also want to make accounts in blogs and face book so you can instant message rescue teams and search for help.

What essential information needs to be communicated during a disaster or emergency?

All victims in every disaster have the same message so rescue teams can rescue them. For e.g. if a victim was in a destroyed shelter and a tornado was heading right for him/her he might need a communication device to inform a nearby rescue team about where they are what they need and in which condition they are in. so the rescue team can send in helicopters, etc. to rescue the victim and provide medications, food and water and also shelter.

# What information can be created before the emergency?

In a situation of natural disasters, many kinds of information might be needed to search and help the victims of a certain natural disaster. Important information for the victims might include: medications and medical supplies, enough food water for the people who require it, supplies of water and supplies to maintain hygiene. Messages might be broadcasted to search for victims who are in need for theses supplies. Rescue teams might search for victims and also provide them with these supplies. People might also stay prepared so if a natural disaster strikes.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

What forms of Communication have been used in recent disasters?

In a disaster situation for example in hurricane Gustav newspapers were used electronically on blog posts and face book. In Hurricane Katrina, in August, 2005 a lot of the victims of the disaster used text messaging and Morse code. A ham radio was the main source of communication and used for broadcasting a lot of messages.But when the hurricane raged on and got powerful the telephone lines got cut off and wireless communication is slowed down.Ham radios are used to message and broadcast messages to search for hurricane victims.

Why Is Communication so Important during a natural disaster?

It's to save the life of people who have been caught up in the natural disaster. The communication is to let other people to know that the victims are in danger and need help from some rescue team or something like that. The victims might need supplies to survive that disaster. The victims might broadcast their message to get other peoples' attention to let them know about their current situation. The same way rescue teams might be at that disaster site broadcasting their message to know whether anybody needs help or not. Communication can also be used before a natural disaster telling everybody to evacuate from that area so people can evacuate OR collect supplies to survive that disaster. People might need mobile phones and/or telephones and internet to communicate long distance. Even cameras might come in handy. A victim might take a picture of their location and send it over via internet so a rescue team can know where they currently are.