Sunday, February 22, 2009

Anti-Bullying: Investigation

I have been observing anti-bullying games on . Every game talks about an aspect of bullying. E.g: Spreading rumors, what to do when you're facing a bully, etc. Sites likePBS - IT's MY LIFE - BULLYING andBlog on BullyinG talk about all types of bullying in general. I have to create animations for preventing bullying with my group. Most of the sites I fund are not age appropriate, so I have only found a site at called sketch star. Adobe photoshop is also useful. My team and I planned to create drawings of bullies and victims on Photoshop and to animate them on sketch star. Adobe photoshop is a bit complicated so we must learn to use it properly. I might even try to use  is a site where you can make games  but it is too violent. It consists of shooting, bombs, machine gun. I have also done some research in other blogs where they explain how to create a game. My partner has discovered a new program called CS4 Flash. It is more like paint but designed by Adobe and its more complicated than any other program. 

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Final Evaluation

I have finally completed my it web page for natural disasters about earthquakes. My final product has five pages: Introduction Page, What are earthquakes?, Precautions, Communications used in an earthquake and Reference Page. My website talks about earthquakes, telling you what it is, what to do in it, which communications are used in earthquakes and of course the bibliography. My website shows images and widgets. I was not able to figure out how to insert videos onto my website on i-web.  My final product is just as i imagined it would be it also has all the expectations and lacks some multimedia. 
I have followed all the design cycle steps, my investigation was to explore sites like national geographic and wikipedia, to learn  what earthquakes are and what to do when they're going on. I looked up these sites and in my own words, typed them up in google documents. I did this for 2-3 days when I thought I had enough info. I began my design after this.
My design was made on an A4 paper. It consisted of my homepage layout which is almost the same a my real homepage. My design part was to decide which kind of videos and pictures I will use.
My create part was the main idea of the whole project where I made 5 pages with an emergency plan, a reference page and 3 other important pages. I was able to finish earlier than other people since I was constant with my work. I think my work should have a good impact on people who are in need of having safety of earthquakes

Final Evaluta