Monday, March 16, 2009

Evaluation for Bullying Game Creator

After looking for an appropriate game creator website I have chosen sploder and sketchstar. Sploder was chosen for the game making and sketchstar was chosen for animations. The game designing for sploder has turned out pretty good. Though some of the group members have come up with rather violent, they contained guns and expolsive weapons and had to 'kill' their enemy to win the game, the game is amusing to play but it does not carry any message, in fact it shows to be violent with others. But the group has also come up with platform games which are not violent with no robots and bombs, but minor weapons like hand-to-hand combat fighting style. Though they contain jetbacks and a sword and a shield, but there is no blood. The sketch-star animation I I made was three slides long and it is non-violent. The bullying game code-name bully  and bullies unleashed was fun and exciting and everybody enjoyed it and from the game they learned to stand up to bullies and never back off. The games I made have big thugs which represent bullies. My games were well organized and had a lesson so did my sketch star animation which taught children to get help from teachers. I think the sketch star could me made a little longer, it did not have the best effects and no sound. The character: T-man who is a teacher does not look so good because our  group expected him to look more heroic with better screen effects. If i were to improve the game along with the group, I'd make it less violent and for the sketch star I'll have to make i slower and try to put in sound. The trouble I had was looking for an appropriate for making a game, since I was running out of time I just stuck to sploder. The feedback I got was from Ahmed my partner, he says that my game is not too violent and teaches him to stand up to bullies. My game teaches others to stand up to bullies and my animation shows them to ask for help. From my opinion, I think my game was fun and had good affects, my animation ran out of slides and I was able to take it to my potential and make something original which would teach other and give advice to others so they can resist bullies.

timeline: week 1------------- Investigating and understanding types of bullying
week2 ----------------- searching for an appropriate website to create games
week 3------------------- began to create games on
week 4------------------ editing games
week 5------------------- created animation on sketchstar

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