Sunday, March 1, 2009

Design: For Bullying

My plan with my friends is split into three categories. Since our group has six members, we split it into three teams. Two in each. One team will be doing games on manipulation and exclusion, one will be doing verbal bullying and mine will be doing physical bullying. Our plan is to create a game using picnick and search for game creating programs. We will not be able to use flash since it takes a lot of time to download. We 're aiming to search for a site where creating games is pretty straight forward. Such as sketch star on My partner and I are gonna make a game with five characters. There will be three bullies and a victim. The victim will be getting picked on and then a "The T man" will save him after the victim goes to him for help. ( Tman= Teacher) The bullies get defeated one by one as the T-man spanks them on the bottom with the ruler of justice and then gives them "the paper of doom" for detention. I have also made two characters one is a bully and the other is a victim. The bully is named Kane and the victim is called George. I am going to animate these characters using a program. Im still looking for a program hwich is straight forward and easy to use. 

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